The Macrodimensional Enneagram Yantras© Series 1 have been developed for those who wish to delve more deeply into the practical applications of transformational art. All results are based on each individual's own efforts. No guarantees of any kind whatsoever are being made with regard to these items. 

The yantras are in a print ready format. The CD contains both .pdf (Adobe Acrobat®) and .ai (Adobe Illustrator 8.0®) file versions of the images. Any computer operating system that can run Adobe Acrobat or Illustrator will be able to display and print them in the highest resolution that is available to that system. Every effort has been made to maintain the finest quality and accuracy in the images themselves. Each enneagram is a 7 inch circle that can be easily printed on standard paper formats worldwide. It was determined that the most cost efficient and user beneficial way to market these meditation symbols was to make them available in the print format (although a screensaver version of the yantras is presently being worked on as well). In this way, each individual could produce their own Work art at the pace best suited to their specific situation. As well, a Forum for discussing work ideas related to the enneagram has also been set up on this site to aid and enrich those who are interested in developing their practice with the yantras. It is genuinely hoped that the release of this powerful work tool will be of real assistance to any and all beings interested in conscious development and evolution. 

The following images demonstrate one complete cycle out of six. These particular circles are against a black background for better viewing on a computer monitor. The actual print-ready Macrodimensional Enneagram Yantras are on a white background. To see the entire array of 363 yantras, which will be a 14+ megabyte download, please go HERE. For slow modems, this page will take a LONG time to load. However, for someone who has cultivated patience, it will definitely be worth it.

Very special thanks to Jerry Huget for helping to render these images for the Web. Anyone interested in the deeper mathematical properties of the enneagram can contact Jerry at  


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